Moorebeer Craft Beer Brewing Port Macquarie
Craft beer at its finest

Craft beer at its finest

We don't think people truly understand just how much we love beer.  While it's not uncommon for people to love beer, our love for beer isn't just verging on unhealthily obsessive - it's flat out "deranged" and "irrational" (to quote the bank manager who denied our first business loan request)

In fact, we love beer so much we've gone to extremes in order to spend most of our days around the stuff and built a business around it.

We brew it, we can it, we bottle it, we test it, we get very upset whenever we spill any of it and yes, we definitely drink as much of it as we can afford to.

So now you know what we do - you should probably put your phone/mouse down and come and drink some of our beer - right?